Bookmarcus Ltd Terms & Conditions


1 Quotations and pricing
1.1 Quotations can be requested by phone, fax, post, online through website or by e-mail
1.2 Prices quoted are taken from either publishers, their appointed agents or distributors
1.3 Prices quoted do not always include any publisher’s surcharges or carriage costs, which will be shown separately on Bookmarcus Ltd’s invoice
1.4 Prices charged by Bookmarcus Ltd are those current at time of supply by publishers less appropriate discount. Prices are subject to change without notice
1.5 Where publishers offer a low discount, Bookmarcus Ltd reserves the right to make the following handling charges:-

Publisher’s % discount

Bookmarcus Ltd’s % handling charge or % discount




handling charge



handling charge



handling charge


17.5% - 20%






1.6 The discounts given are in accordance with those quoted on Bookmarcus Ltd's website or as per clause 1.5, whichever is the lower
1.7 UK Schools -Subject to clause 1.5 small orders - up to £100 (gross value) - receive a standard 7.5% discount plus a £7.00 carriage charge.
1.8 EU schools – the exchange rate used for quotation indications from sterling into the euro is the Bank of England’s commercial buying rate on the date of the quotation. The exchange rate used when invoices are raised is the Bank of England’s commercial buying rate on the date of the invoicing.

2 Orders
2.1 Orders are accepted by fax, post, online through website, e-mail or in emergencies by telephone
2.2 Any style of order form is acceptable, subject to it including the relevant ISBN, full title and quantity required
2.3 All orders are accepted as though duly authorised by the relevant school officer
2.4 In accordance with market practice the ISBN quoted in an order takes precedence
2.5 Publishers automatically supply the latest edition if an ISBN quoted is out of print
2.6 Any titles which are unavailable (out of stock, reprinting etc) are held on backorder as a due. Bookmarcus Ltd will keep the school informed of unavailable titles and the onus is on the school to cancel the order if necessary

3 Payment Terms
3.1 Payment via BACS or cheque. UK Schools payment terms are 15 days from date of the invoice. EU Schools 30 days from end of the month.
3.2 The discounts given are conditional upon compliance of the payment terms
3.3 Bookmarcus Ltd reserves the right to invoice the school for the discount due to non- compliance
3.4 All goods remain the property of Bookmarcus Ltd until paid for


4 Returns
4.1 Returns are only accepted once authorisation has been granted by publishers via Bookmarcus Ltd
4.2 Goods need to be returned and received in a sound and re-sellable condition
4.3 A credit note will be forwarded as soon as Bookmarcus Ltd has been credited by publishers
4.4 In the case of a shortage or damage to the goods then notification should be made to Bookmarcus Ltd within 7 days of receipt of the order
4.5 In the event of a shortage a thorough internal investigation should be carried out by the school in case goods have been removed without due authorisation
4.6 Goods which arrive damaged will be collected at Bookmarcus Ltd’s expense or, subject to publisher’s requirements, the title page or book should be returned whereupon the school will be reimbursed for postage costs
4.7 If the School receives incorrect books as a result of the wrong ISBN being quoted in an order, then Bookmarcus Ltd should be contacted as 4.4 above. Subject to the publisher's returns policy, a returns authorisation will be obtained and instructions given by Bookmarcus Ltd to the School to return the books, at the School's expense, whereupon these will be returned to the publishers.
When publishers have issued a credit note to Bookmarcus Ltd the School will be credited less:-
4.7.1 The original carriage charge incurred for shipping the books to the School
4.7.2 The carriage charge incurred by Bookmarcus Ltd for returning the incorrect books to the relevant publishers
4.8 The School remains responsible for payment of the original invoice whilst the return and relevant crediting is being processed

5 Governing Law
5.1 These Terms and Conditions of business shall be governed by English Law